Some History

The company has been founded in 1985 by the current owner Mr. Gino Bozzardi who decided to start with car sales, relying on his 20 years long experience in car repairing. Adventure started with the British group Austin - Rover. Although some model's reliability was actually not brilliant, thanks to the skills and knowledge of our service department, our policy aimed to customer satisfaction was so successful that we reached local sell share far higher than national average.
In 1995 we switched from Rover to Peugeot brand.
In 1998, when the legendary “Enfant Terrible” 206 was launched, we moved to new, much wider headquarters.
In September 2011 we opened our own M.O.T. test center.
Aware of the enviromental impact due to our activities, in 2012 a 52 kW photovoltaic powerplant was installed over our headquarters' roof. It allows to reduce CO2 production by 50,7 ton per year. The production of this plant exceeds our total electical energy consumption.
In 2012, while proceeding to a complete renovation of our building, was installed an anti-pollution treatment system for the waste waters coming from our car parks, car washing and workshops, which allow the killing of hydrocarbons, oils and other pollutants before sewage.
We are seriously committed in using only highly biodegradable washing and chemical products with ever less environmental impact.
As for the disposal of special waste (oil, dirty filters, tires, batteries, other chemicals, etc.) we rely on a specialized and certified partner who cares for the entire process (collecting, handling, keeping the registers) according to D.Lgs. 152/2006.
We regularly and consciously carry out the separation and collection of recyclable waste since years before the service was active in our city.
Renovation of the building, aimed to improve comfort and appeal according to the ever increasing brand standard, was completed in 2015. In 2014 AUTOMONDO gained Peugeot representation also for Taranto area, and started providing there full services since may 2015, in the new facilities of loc. Cimino. The building adaptation was completed in 2016.

Although the number of sales has increased through the years, due also to a complete range of successful vehicle model and services, we never forgot our corporate vision of quality, trasparency, humanity in customer relations..
Firmly convinced that a car is an extremely different product from other consumer goods, extremely complex and that requires a continuous, long lasting and mutual relationship between customer and dealer, we have continued and will continue to invest in the quality of our service department, proud of national award-winning results based on official surveys about quality of work performed and customer's global satisfaction.

Some figures:
  • 45.000 the total number of services completed in our workshop.
  • 6.500 new car sold.
  • 2.500 used car sold.
  • 3.000 M.O.T. test carried in our authorized car test center.
  • 300 tons of CO2 saved thanks to our photovoltaic power plant.
  • 3.500 square meters of total surface available in Brindisi facilities.
  • 2.500 square meters of total surface available in Taranto facilities.